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ePlus is a reputable unit specialized in consulting and implementing call center and customer care services in Vietnam. Our solutions are always appreciated by customers for our efficiency, professionalism and service dedication. Especially with healthcare and medical products, we have received the trust of major partners not only for the vaccination and pharmaceuticals fields but also for high-class hospital system in Vietnam. Our solutions are proven of efficiency, professionally and being delivered in high quality of services, Especially in healthcare & medical we been through with one of largest vaccination Company, drugs distribution Company and other top General hospital in Viet Nam
ePlus provides infrastructure and data platform solutions, quality management system to serve the medical examination and treatment, customer care, product and service distribution of pharmacies, hospitals, vaccination system and nutrition centers nationwide. In addition to useful technological solutions for enterprises in the medical field, ePlus has launched ePlus health eco-system: a mobile application platform that provides health products and services directly to end users - a convenient, intelligent lifelong health assistant. In order to transform our services to a next level, we have just introduced ecosystem ePlus: a smart assistant for your health in a mobile app to help people connect, access, buy & manage their healthcare services/ product easily.
With a team of higly experienced experts in the field, ePlus advises and conducts comprehensive market researches and surveys: from research design, fieldwork, data collection, analysis and report. Applying new platforms and technologies in the process of data collection, management and analysis, ePlus offers the most optimal research options to ensure the accuracy and objectivity of research results as well as quickly and promptly bring reliable market information. In addition, with market insights, ePlus experts will provide strategic advice to brands and companies to come up with effective business solutions as well as achieve sustainable and long-term development for the organization.
ePlus provides multimedia 360 communication solutions to promote brands and products in the healthcare sector. We are highly experienced in producing TV and online programs that provide official medical information and health answers to Vietnamese people; organizing events, seminars, scientific workshops for experts and doctors to support training and enhance the exchange of medical expertise for the medical team; consulting on overall communication strategies from online to offline; developing media content and publications.

ePlus is equipped with a professional refrigerated vehicle system that meets GDP standards and a cold storage system that meets GSP standards to provide the best vaccine transport service; especially vaccines that need to be stored with high standards.
Our staff are highly experienced in the health and pharmaceutical sector; especially the quality management team with pharmacists as the core staff to monitor personnel training activities, monitor processes and ensure that our quality is always maintained with the best standard.